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PlexrPlasma, a new revolutionary device for soft surgery. It uses nitrogen from the air to create energy to lift and rejuvenate the skin. It can be used for all skin types and for all ages.

Treatments, depending on area, takes just minutes. Results can be seen immediately or within a week. It is safer than traditional laser devices. It is very user friendly and patients love the ease of treatment. The effect from PlexrPlasma treatments lasts for years.

Indications that can be treated by PlexrPlasma include:

Why PlexrPlasma?

Now, at IV MEDSPA, you can get that youthful look without paying Hollywood prices.

Blepharoplasty:  get rid of excessive eye lids without pricey, traditional plastic surgery. Even the plastic surgeons are using PlexrPlasma to treat their clients. 

Before & After

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Our unique thread lift is HD PDO ( High Density Polydioxanone ( PDO ) is different from other thread lifts made in China and Korea. It is made under high temperature and pressure to hold maximum tensile strength, resist enzymatic attack and become more thermal resistant, making it stronger and long lasting. High Density means you can do radiofrequency and Laser while doing the threads and with the other ones, you can’t. 

How Does PDO Work?

HDPDO Stimulates The Fibroblast To Produce More Collagen Causing Rejuvenation And Revitalization Of The Skin and Lift.

PDO Advantages:
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Fillers Can:

Why Fillers

As we age, our facial bones recess and we lose the fat underneath the skin. This cause wrinkling and sagging of our skin. Dermal fillers were made to fill the suppleness and fullness that we lose with aging.

Many injectors make the face look big and bulky with fillers. Doctor Tran believes that fillers should not be overdone but refill the suppleness that we lose with aging.


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Why Botox?

Reduce wrinkles with treatment that takes minutes.

Botulinum toxin has been around since the 1890s, when it was discovered that it causes illness in humans. In the 1950's, botulinum was found to have medical use after injection of small amounts causes paralysis of muscle. In the 1990s, it was used for bladder spasm, excessive sweating, and cerebral palsy, and writer's cramps. When Canadian ophthalmologist, Jean Carruthers, M.D , was injecting her patients with blepharospasm, her female patients would come back asking for injections in the frown lines, and the cosmetic use of botulinum toxin , BOTOX, was born.

Today, millions of people have used BOTOX for the softening of frown lines.

Common Indicaitons for Botox

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