IV Ketamine

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Ketamine is was introduced in the 1960’s as an anesthetic drug. Subsequently, studies have shown that it has improved depressive symptoms and suicidal ideation. Today, more people are seeking alternative treatments to depression and chronic pain and have turned to Ketamine.

In summary, we can view a depressive illness as a disease of disconnection at a personal and social level and even more profoundly at the cellular level. Ketamine...induces changes in both the quality and quantity of connections between neurons, and this in turn improves the function of critical brain circuits impaired by depression, thus freeing people to deal with their problems more effectively.”

Its primary mechanism of action is inhibition of the NMDA receptor (in the neurons). However, it also acts on many other receptors including serotonin, dopaminergic, and glutamate receptors. It is thought that ketamine resets your receptors and heals synapses. Ketamine’s use in chronic pain and mood disorders, in low dose ,compared to anesthetic dose, is considered “off label” and not many providers understand its usefulness. The potential side effects of low dose ketamine are negligible and many people tolerate them well.

Ketamine infusion may help alleviate symptoms in many conditions, such as Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, OCD, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, FMS, and others.

Why We Offer Ketamine Infusion Therapy

As a primary care doctor, I have seen the challenges that many patients endure with mental illness and chronic pain. I understand their frustrations with these conditions and the impact of them on their daily lives. Moreover, the limitation of traditional medical management impound their frustrations. These are the reasons I chose to offer Ketamine infusion therapy.

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Please have independent documentation/diagnosis from PCP, Psychiatrists, Therapists, and Pain Management notes faxed over, for treatment to began.

If patients have had IV ketamine elsewhere, please have the clinic fax over visit notes to our clinic.